Peter Currie

Peter Currie

Peter Currie (b. 1991) is a photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Concordia University, his work focuses on the built environment and the transformations taking place within the urban landscape. Using a slow and deliberate process, these transformations are documented periodically over time, attempting to create a visual narrative of the evolving urban landscape, at a slower pace. His work has been featured in print and online in such publications as Weird Era Vol. 2, the Humble Arts Foundations, Fiiiirst, and Subjectively Objectives group show, presented by Obscura Land.


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Untitled (325 Ferd), 2023Untitled (325 Ferd), 2023
Untitled (Debris), 2023Untitled (Debris), 2023
Peter Currie
Untitled (Debris), 2023 Sale priceFrom $125.00
Untitled (Canal looking east), 2023Untitled (Canal looking east), 2023
Untitled (Farine #2), 2022Untitled (Farine #2), 2022
Untitled (Rue Bridge #2), 2022Untitled (Rue Bridge #2), 2022
Untitled (Rue Bridge #1), 2022Untitled (Rue Bridge #1), 2022
Untitled (Rue Pitt), 2022Untitled (Rue Pitt), 2022
Untitled (St Henri Tracks), 2021Untitled (St Henri Tracks), 2021
Untitled (Back Lot #1), 2022Untitled (Back Lot #1), 2022
Untitled (Decarie Path), 2021Untitled (Decarie Path), 2021