Pierre Babin

Pierre Babin

Pierre Babin is an adventure photographer with an undying love for the great outdoors. From the expansive landscapes of Canada to the exotic scenery of Japan, he has travelled the globe for several years, capturing the sheer beauty of our world. Currently based in Montreal,Pierre frequently embarks on road trips across the province, seeking out hidden gems to immortalize through his lens.


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Winter in GaspésieWinter in Gaspésie
Pierre Babin
Winter in Gaspésie Sale priceFrom $93.00
Sunset in Mont-TremblantSunset in Mont-Tremblant
Solo House in GaspésieSolo House in Gaspésie
Sentier des CimesSentier des Cimes
Pierre Babin
Sentier des Cimes Sale priceFrom $93.00
Hautes-Georges de la Rivière MalbaieHautes-Georges de la Rivière Malbaie
Grosse Île NordGrosse Île Nord
Pierre Babin
Grosse Île Nord Sale priceFrom $93.00
Cape Alright at SunsetCape Alright at Sunset
Pierre Babin
Cape Alright at Sunset Sale priceFrom $93.00
Buttes des desmoisellesButtes des desmoiselles